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Development Guide

This page describes the public application interface of the LEAPS module. The module presents multiple interfaces for users to interact with the system. The interfaces are the UART and the SPI, as well as the BLE interface usable via a smartphone application.

Used terminology

  • Anchor: has a fixed location.

  • Tag: moving location, determines dynamically it’s position with the help of anchors.

  • Gateway: knows about all nodes in the network, provides stateful information about network nodes (read/introspect), cache this information (might even collect data and track history) and provide it to the gateway client, provides means to interact with network elements (a.k.a. interaction proxy)

  • Node: network node (anchor, tag, gateway, …)

  • LE: location engine

  • CORE_INT: GPIO pin reserved by firmware to inform user about new events on the UART/SPI interface.

  • TLV: Type-Length-Value encoding.