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What are the differences between DWM1001, PANS and LEAPS
  • DWM1001 is a hardware module based on Decawave’s DW1000 Ultra Wideband (UWB) transceiver IC, which is an IEEE 802.15.4- 2011 UWB implementation. It integrates UWB and Bluetooth® antenna, all RF circuitry, Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 and a motion sensor. The module has been initially designed by LEAPS and is marketed under Decawave brand.

  • PANS is a complete Real-Time Location System and network stack - configurable into anchor, tag or bridge nodes. The software stack has been developed by LEAPS and it is marketed under Decawave brand.

  • LEAPS is an advanced modular system that is suitable for accurate positioning and data telemetry in real-time. It is based on PANS software stack. LEAPS can run primarily on DWM1001 but for customized application, it can also run on other hardware. A great versatility in a small footprint makes LEAPS a unique Swiss Army knife for accurate positioning and data telemetry in real-time. One module with one firmware, configurable in different modes and profiles. The products with LEAPS stack are marketed under LEAPS brand.

How LEAPS has participated on creation of DWM1001 modules and PANS network stack
  • DWM1001 module has been initially designed by LEAPS. We have also worked on module bring up, testing and evaluation.

  • LEAPS has designed and developed the whole software stack of PANS including an extensive set of embedded tests used for module calibration and functional tests in production.

Can LEAPS modify and use the PANS software stack

LEAPS owns the PANS software stack and can use it freely for its purpose.

Is LEAPS an advanced version of PANS
  • PANS can be considered a “Lite” version of LEAPS. Based on the experience with PANS a lot of changes and improvements have been made to create LEAPS.

  • The main focus were on improving system performance, improving security, adding flexibility using network profiles, improving the data server and API.

How LEAPS is licensed
  • LEAPS provides modules with LEAPS software stack and are offered at favorable market price. LEAPS software stack is licensed as binary code, non-transferable and royalty free.

  • For specific project where the modules cannot be pre-loaded with LEAPS software stack, the binary code is licensed as non-transferable with royalty fee per device.

  • For centralized system where tracking is used, LEAPS Server is needed. The pricing for LEAPS Server will be specified in the upcoming months. Please subscribe to our mailing list to get informed.

Is hardware of LEAPS different from PANS
  • LEAPS software stack is designed to run primarily on DWM1001 module, and the same applies to PANS software stack. The stack is highly portable and can run also on different hardware.

  • A typical end-product device contains a board with power circuits, connectors, optional micro-controller and at the heart, there is a DWM1001 module with LEAPS software stack.


What are the differences between LEAPS and PANS in big picture

Comparison of network concept for LEAPS (top) and PANS (bottom):

LEAPS network concept


PANS network concept


What are differences in LEAPS FLEX, LEAPS NAV and LEAPS PRO?
  • LEAPS modules are offered in 3 variants with different sets of supported networking profiles. The users can choose what would best fit for their applications and budgets.

  • Please see Variants comparison for more details.