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Welcome to the official documentation of LEAPS. Here, you will find comprehensive and detailed descriptions for every component of the UDK1 DEMO KIT, LEAPS RTLS and PANS PRO RTLS (Real-Time Location System). Our documentation serves as a valuable resource, providing you with the necessary information to understand and utilize our system effectively.

In addition to the documentation, we are pleased to offer also the LEAPS Forum, a dedicated platform for our global community of customers and users. This forum provides a space for you to engage in discussions, raise inquiries, and dive deeper into the intricacies of the system. It is a collaborative environment where you can connect with fellow users and benefit from shared knowledge and experiences.

We encourage you to explore our documentation and actively participate in the LEAPS Forum to maximize the potential of our system.

Organization of the documentation

This documentation is organized into several sections:

  • The Quick Start Guide contains all necessary information on how to quick start with the product. It provides the Step by Step guideline which should be the entry point for all new users.

  • The User Manual contains detailed documentation for every component of the system.

  • The Development Guide provides the guideline for the developers to start configuring or customizing the system for their system.

  • The Technical Specification section contains detailed technical information for each of the products.

  • The FAQ section contains all the Frequently Asked Questions for each of the products.

  • The Releases section contains information about each of the the releases.


About Us

  • LEAPS is a company based in Prague (the Czech Republic, EU) that focuses on building and marketing Real-Time Location and Real-Time Telemetry systems based on Ultra-wideband.

  • With more than 10 years of experience in system development using Ultra-Wideband, LEAPS has one of the most innovative teams in converting the Ultra-wideband chip into a useful solution.

  • Our team consists of all senior embedded engineers who work with great passion from Prague, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Pelotas in Brazil.

  • LEAPS is the creator of the popular DWM1001C and PANS RTLS.

  • LEAPS has been focusing on providing RTLS hardware and software, design services and technology licensing.

  • LEAPS RTLS is a collection of advanced software that provides location services for a wide range of use cases. It offers the most advanced fully-embedded UWB Sub-System on the market that covers features ranging from proximity, navigation, tracking, to real-time data telemetry and routing backhaul. Imagine a GPS module but using Ultra-wideband and with far more functionality.

  • LEAPS provides a new dimension that helps businesses to locate new values, improve process efficiency, increase safety, improve reliability, navigate indoor, process automatization, …

Contact Us

LEAPS s.r.o.
Ohradni 24b
140 00
Prague 4
Czech Republic, EU
Phone: +420 281 911 591