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Our Commitment to FCC Compliance

At LEAPS, we are committed to ensuring that our UWB devices comply with all FCC regulations and standards. This commitment is reflected in our rigorous testing procedures and adherence to FCC guidelines throughout the development and manufacturing process.

For FCC compliance, the following conditions must be met

  1. All units must be exclusively used indoors. No devices maybe installed at any outdoor locations. This equipment may only be used indoors. Usage outdoors violates 47 U.S.C. 301 and the operator could be subject to serious legal penalties. This equipment is only to be installed and used at a 20 cm minimum distance between the radiator and a person.

  2. This device is designed to be operated with the supplied antenna. The use of any other antenna with this device is strictly prohibited and may result in the voiding of the FCC authorization for this equipment’s operation. It is strictly forbidden to use of any other antenna than the one LEAPS s.r.o has supplied.

  3. This device is compliant with FCC Rules, part 15. Its usage is subject to the two following conditions: (1) this device may not be the cause of any harmful interference, and (2) this device shall accept any interference received, including interference that may interfere with its desired operation. This device is also in compliance with part 15.517 of the FCC Rules.