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Welcome to the UDK1 Demo Kit Release page. Here, you will find detailed information about each release of the UDK1 Demo Kit, including important subsections:

  • Release Date: provides the date of each release, allowing you to track the latest updates to the UDK1 Demo Kit.

  • Supported Version: provides information about the versions of software and hardware supported by each release of the UDK1 Demo Kit.

  • New Features: highlights the new features and enhancements introduced in each release of the UDK1 Demo Kit, enabling you to take advantage of the latest capabilities.

  • Known Limitations: outlines any known limitations or constraints associated with the UDK1 Demo Kit. Understanding these limitations can help you optimize your usage of the kit.

  • Known Issues: highlights any known issues or bugs that may affect the performance or functionality of the UDK1 Demo Kit. We provide information on workaround solutions where applicable.

For detailed information on each of these subsections, please navigate to the respective sections below.