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Quick Start Guide

Thank you for choosing our products!

Welcome to the UDK1 Quick Start Guide pages, designed to help you swiftly install the necessary software tools and to set up the demos.

See also the UDK1 Quick Start Guide in PDF version for a quick demo setup.



For demonstration purposes only. Please use it with care.

System Requirements

Before you start, please kindly ensure that your system meets the following system requirements in order to achieve the best demo experience.


System Requirements




Hardware Interfaces

Starting with the UDK1




Partner Applications


Firmware Update

Software Infrastructure

Three platforms are supported: Docker, VMWare and Raspberry Pi. These platforms offer flexibility and compatibility for running various applications. Just a few simple installation steps and you’ll be able to enjoy the TWR RTLS and Data Telemetry Demo or Uplink TDoA RTLS Demo.


LEAPS Docker




LEAPS Raspberry Pi