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Demo capabilities of the Kit

The kit offers a platform for demonstrating and evaluating the capabilities of Ultra-Wideband technology in various scenarios.

Nearby Interaction demo with an iPhone

Prepare for setup

  • An iPhone device with U1 chip compatibility.

  • Qorvo Nearby Interaction application installed from the AppStore.

  • One or more Nodes (white device) configured in Nearby Interaction mode.



  • Demonstrates Nearby Interaction and FiRa compatibility with a smartphone.

  • Accurate distance and angle measurement, displaying precise direction to the Node within the smartphone application.

  • Typical applications: find my things, follow me, smart remote control, access control.

Locate Device demo using Angle-of-Arrival (AoA)

Prepare for setup

  • A desktop with Qorvo UWB Ranging & AoA Demo App installed.

  • One Node with an AoA antenna (gray device) and one or more Nodes without an AoA antenna (white device) configured in UCI mode.

  • Two or more USB-C Data Cables to connect the Nodes to the PC.



  • Demonstrates FiRa compatibility between devices.

  • Distance and angle measurement showing the direction between the Initiator and the Responder devices in the desktop application.

  • Typical applications: Access control, follow me, locate and track objects or devices within an indoor environment.

Infrastructure-less proximity Demo

Prepare for setup

  • Two or more Nodes configured as Tags.



  • Demonstrates infrastructure-less proximity between the Nodes.

  • TWR distance measurement between a Node and all its surrounding nodes.

  • Trigger alarm using LED, haptic motor or buzzer when Nodes are in close proximity. The distance threshold is configurable.

  • Typical applications: Collision avoidance, social distancing, swarm coordination.

TWR RTLS and Data Telemetry Demo

Prepare for setup

  • Four Nodes configured as Anchors with fixed position, and one or more nodes configured as TWR and/or DL-TDoA Tag.

  • An Android device with LEAPS Manager application installed and/or a terminal application on the desktop to display the location.

  • A desktop with LEAPS server software installed for position and data collection and visualization.


  • Demonstrates real-time navigation, tracking and both ways of data telemetry using TWR technology.

  • Demonstrates real-time navigation of an unlimited amount of Tags using DL-TDoA technology.

  • Typical applications: Indoor navigation, asset tracking and real-time data telemetry supporting uplink and downlink.